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Hälsningar från min kund!

Tänkte dela med mig en av mina kunders historia! Amanda är en supertuff tjej som alltid ger 100%! Hon kommer att gå långt! 🙂

It was quite the coincident that Elin became my personal trainer. We met at my usual gym through a mutual friend. We decided to do a crossfit-inspired workout all three of us together and after a while Elin mentioned that she was studying to become a personal trainer and asked if i was interested in beeing her first client. I didn´t even have to think about it, of course i wanted to! I had been following Elins blog for quite some time then and although I had never met her before she was a big inspiration to me.

After a few weeks the work begun. My goal was to lean out a bit for summer, but I wanted to maintain as much as possible of the little musclemass I had. Although I was already interested in fitness I didn´t have that much knowledge, therefore it felt good having someone else creating my schedule. I got a well structured training and diet program.  Unfortunately i came down with the flu the first two weeks  after we´d started and therefore I didn´t train any at all in the begining. I started my diet though and the first two weeks were really easy. But when I got started with my workouts it got tougher. I was hungry pretty much all of the time and the fact that i had 5 meals a day made it really hard to make it work with my schedule. But i did only have to mention it to Elin and without me even asking for it Elin sent me a new dietplan the next day with 6 smaller meals a day, much better!

When I was fully recovered from the flu me and Elin went to the gym together to go through the excercises she had picked out for me. Even though I knew pretty much most of the exercises already it gave me a lot more confidence in the gym after i had gone through them with Elin. Since i have had knee surgery less than a year ago legtraining is a bit more difficult for me than odinairy people of the age 18. But that was no problem for Elin! She hadn´t written anything down for legday before we met at the gym and after she had seen what my knee could handle she put together a well suited program for legtraining. It didn´t take long before i felt that i wanted to have more workouts a week, and after me mentioning that i took only one day before Elin gave me a completly new program. That was one of the best things about having Elin as a personal trainer, there was always an expert to ask when I had a problem and she always gave me a fast answer.


Now i have 5 workouts in the gym a week and I usually do 2 of them with Elin. From day one Elin showed me how we were going to do things in the gym, it was all in from the start. Even though Elin didn´t know me that well she wasn´t afraid of pushing me hard in the gym, she wouldnt  let me stop until I had done everything I could. Even though I thought that i pushed myself quite hard in the gym before it was nothing compared to the way Elin pushed me. When i wanted to quit Elin managed to make me do 7 more reps, at least. She taught me to really give it all on every single set and never hold back. During our workouts I always want to punch Elin in the face, hard; cant she see I´m tired? But when I´m done with the workout I´m so proud of myself, who knew I had that much in me! And it is all thanks to Elin who keeps pushing me even when I just want to lay down on the floor and cry.

 Overall i think Elin has been amazing! She is so inspiring and full of knowledge. And most of all, she lives as she learns.  Even though she isn´t that old she always has something to relate to when i tell her about my problems, you can tell that she doesn´t just make stuff up. And she never gets annoyed by my stupid questions. Always when i have a complain she comes up whit a sollution fast, or just tells me to suck it up if thats what I need to hear. It´s like she really knows when I´m just whining and when I have a real problem. Even though she is quite young she has a lot of experience, which is one of the most imortant things to me. I would hate it if i would pay for someone to train me and they wouldn´t be able to answer all of my questions. And i can honestly say that Elin has yet never failed to answer me.

In the gym she has such confidence. She knows exactly which form to use during every excercise. She corrects every little misstake i make and is present all of the time. I know that she is allways there to correct, help or spot me, she doesn´t just stand there and watch me workout. Even though the workouts have been really hard, they have also been a lot of fun. Elin is really down to earth and easy to talk to. And I like that even though her muscles are much bigger then mine she still compliments me if she sees progress.


Over the past few weeks I have made a lot of progress. Even though the scales don´t show that much of a difference, I have got a lot of compliments about looking leaner. But most of all my mind has changed I think, I have learned so much from Elin. She has taught me a lot about training and how to think when training, but most of all she has inspired me. Everytime I feel like quitting my diet it just takes a few minutes in Elins company and I´m filled with new motivation. You can really tell that she is passionated about what she does and the hapiness she has in the gym is quite contagious. Even though we will be moving to different cities this fall i will definitely try to get some sort of online coaching from her.

Amanda Vikström

Tack Amanda för att du delade med dig! 🙂



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